A DIY Christmas

If you’re like me, you have at least a few people that are impossible to shop for during the holidays. Or, you may just enjoy the experience of handcrafting personal Christmas presents for your family and friends. Maybe you are short on cash and big on creativity. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of DIY options for gifts for every person on your list!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

1) “Heaven” in a Jar

This homemade and tasty creation is just as easy as it is appealing! Simply bake a batch of your favorite cupcakes, “smoosh” into a jar (1 for a mini mason jar, 2 for a large mason jar), and pipe frosting on top of it. Then, put the lid on (with a cute label, if you prefer) and tie a ribbon around the jar. This is a clear winner for anyone on your list! For a complete tutorial, click here.

2) Easy Monogram Mugs

These adorable mugs are so easy to create, even your child can take this project on! This would make a great gift for grandparents, teachers, aunt/uncles, parents, friends or coworkers. You can fill the mug with anything you want! The mugs pictured above include a personalized hot cocoa mix. You can find the complete instructions for these mugs here.

3) Ruched Clutch

If you are more adventurous and can find your way around a sewing machine (I can’t, but wish I could!), these ruched clutches would make a great gift for any female friends or family members. There are so many cute fabrics out there, and from the looks of the materials list, this is a pretty inexpensive project to tackle….just a bit more advanced than some other DIY gift ideas. Find the tutorial here.


4) Mario Bros. Piranha Plant


A perfect, easy gift for any geek or Nintendo fan in your life! This innovative present utilizes a Venus flytrap to replicate the classic Mario Brothers symbol. You can find the detailed instructions here.


5) Chalkboard Necklace


This cute chalkboard necklace is the perfect gift for the teen and tween girls in your life. It’s simple to make, and they will love being able to express themselves and change the message on their necklace whenever they feel so inclined. Check out the tutorial here.


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